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In This Video, I will show you how to download Thinkorswim, and how to log on paper trading paper, open share links, how to record Excel log, and more.

In This videos I will give you a detail walkthrough on the Thinkorswim trading platform. Learn how to create a watchlist, setting up your charts and much more!

In this video I will go over the important components of Technical Analysis. You will learn how to identify the current market condition, how to identify key area (support and resistance), when you should be buying, selling and exit.

Learn how to read candlestick patterns, how to use candlestick patterns as a entry triggers and more!

In This Videos I discussed the indicators that I use to gain an edge in the markets. Learn how to use , Bollinger Band®, RSI, Stochastic to find mean reversion trades, and much more.

In this video I breakdown what a call and put options in the simplest way for you to understand. You will learn how options can yield a much higher ROI than vs buying 100 shares of stock. I will dive deep into the Greeks ( Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega) in the simplest way possible. And you will learn how to analyze the risk return profile of a Call option and more!!

In this video I discussed the advantages, and disadvantages of a bull call spread, vs a long call. How to construct a long call, bull call spread, and much more.

In this video I will show you to construct a bull call spread (open and close), analyze a bull call spread. I will discuss the advantage an disadvantage of a bull call spread, how to manage a bull call spread, and more.

Learn how to buy and close a call Option, analyze a call option risk profile, and understand the different between buying 100 shares of stock vs buy a call Option

Learn how to beta weight your portfolio and neutralize your delta to protect the downside using spy put options.