Educational Content

Checkout my markets analysis for the SPY, QQQ, DIA, Crypto Market, and more for November 28, 2021. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY

In this video I will go over the important components of Technical Analysis. You will learn how to identify the current market condition, how to identify key area (support and resistance), when you should be buying, selling and exit

In this video I breakdown what a call and put options in the simplest way for you to understand. You will learn how options can yield a much higher ROI than vs buying 100 shares of stock. I will dive deep into the Greeks ( Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega) in the simplest way possible. And you will learn how to analyze the risk return profile of a Call option and more!!

In this video I discussed the advantages, and disadvantages of a bull call spread, vs a long call. How to construct a long call, bull call spread, and much more.

Trades Journal

Happy October everyone! The market did a double bottom on ( 9/30/2021) so I was able to take the opportunity to put on  trades.  As you can see in the illustration SPX is under pressure but was able to close above the support level.  If this is the bottom all our trades will work out great in our favor. Conversely if SPX is still under pressure, we still have time for the trades to play out.  The important thing is not to over allocate and don’t take all your trades in one day or one week.  Spread out your trades especially with a small account.  Without further ado let’s talk about the trades we took.

Closed ETSY 200-205 BULL CALL SPREAD for 90% ROI. I entered this trade base on support and resistance at the $204.9 level. This key area was a previous resistance turned support as an area of value. The price shoot up to 229 on 10/18 and the trade was closed for 90% ROI

Closed MSFT 285-290 for 90% ROI.   MSFT trend has been strong this year.   I entered this trade on a pullback at the 280ish level, which seems like a solid support as an area of value.  The trade was closed on 10/20.

Closed NKE 140-145 Bull Call Spread for 90% ROI. I entered this trade base on support and resistance at the $145 level. This key area was a previous resistance that could potentially turn support. NKE bounced off support shortly after I opened the trade, it was closed for a full profit on 10/15.

Closed FDX 220-225 Bull Call Spread for 90% ROI.  FDX has been selling off for the past months.  I entered the trade based on exaggeration. A big boy flushed down after earning at a key swing low level $220 on the weekly chart. This is not the same entry technique as the previous trades because I must zoom out to a bigger time frame to see a key level. It seems like a double bottom, and this could be a support level on the weekly chart.  The price bounced off the key  swing low as an area of value, and the trade was closed on 10/25.

Closed ADBE 580-585 Bull Call Spread for 90% ROI.  ADBE Dropped more than 100 pts since it set an all-time high. I entered this trade based on stock getting oversold and stochastic shows sign of reversal at a Fibonacci level 38.2% which could be a support, The price bounced sharply to the upside and was closed on 10/19.

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