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Upgrade your trading arsenal and master options trading in the simplest way possible! Learn our Unique Trading System combined Technical Analysis with Options to maximize your returns while minimizing your risks.

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 Discover the secrets to consistently profitable trading with our daily real time trade alerts, and guidance on our private Discord server.  Learn how to grow a small or large account, and Risk Management to protect your capital.

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Profitable trading is achievable with the right psychology, trading system and guidance. We stop at nothing to mentor you and reveal all the hidden secrets to achieve your goals. You will enjoy access to detailed, step-by-step resources that would help you cut short your learning curve and hone your trading skills.

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Enjoying watch me trade daily and post all your questions in our private discord server.  We will respond to all inquiries and questions.  Join our trading community and have access to our real-time trade alerts, analysis, educational content and much more!


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Get real time opening and closing trade Journal on our private Discord server and market analysis.

On Demand Videos

Get access to detailed resources that would help shorten your learning curve and hone your trading skills.

Direct Support

Post all your questions in our private discord server. We will respond to all inquiries and questions.

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Learn how to find sweet spot entry on the right momentum stocks.

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Get access to our trading community and insights from other passionate members.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of Options Strategies do I use?

 I use Long Calls, Long Puts,  Bull Call Spreads, Bear Put Spreads, and butterflies spreads.  And will switch to other strategies if applicable with the market conditions.

How will I receive real time trade notifications?

I post all my real time trading on the Discord app.  I send opening and closing trades notifications in real time.  I also post daily announcements to analyze the market, give out trade ideas, and help you with trades that require management.  You can download the discord app for free on your desktop or mobile app.  We will send you information on how to join our Discord server.

How many trades notifications can I get per week?

I wait for the market to come to me instead of chasing after trades. As a disciplined trader I let the price fall to support as an area of value to enter a bullish trade.  Therefore, the amount of trade alerts I send out varies depending on the market condition. In other words, you can receive up to 10 trades for one week, and maybe a few or none the next week vice versa. Patience is an important factor to be a successful trader.

What are the optimal rules for opening and closing trades?

There will be training videos on how to open and close trades. In addition to that you will get trade notifications on opening and closing trades both.

 How do I cancel?

 If you would like to cancel please send us an email to support@uniqueprofit.net, and your account will not be renewed after the current billing cycle.  For more detail on cancellation policy please go to Terms of Service – Unique Profit.